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Tara Devi Temple, Kali Temple, Hanuman Temple, Kandaghat, Trekking and Hiking,

About Shoghi

Shoghi is a small town located at an elevation of 5700 ft in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Situated at a distance of about 13 km from the district of Shimla, this town is one of the popular hill stations in the state. The small town of Shoghi, bounded by oak trees and rhododendrons, is known for its natural beauty. The place is also famous for locally made fruit products like juices, jellies, syrups, and pickles.
Shoghi, a tiny piece of paradise tucked away on NH 22, is thirteen kilometres short of Shimla. As the car stops, you’ll find yourself on a gentle hill slope, under a thick cover of oak and pine trees. Welcome to Aamod at Shoghi, the finest resort of Shimla. Aamod at Shoghi is an Ecotourism resort set in pristine virgin forest, on a land provided by Himachal Pradesh Forest Department under its new Ecotourism policy. As you walk towards your cottage, you’ll notice a certain design philosophy. Anything man-made at Aamod perfectly blends in with nature. The cottages are all pre-fabricated structures in-line with the strict norms of Ecotourism so as to retain the original character and ruggedness of the forest cover.

The history of Shoghi dates back to the 19th century, during the time of the Anglo-Gurkha War. On 15th May, 1815, the Gurkhas had to face defeat in the war of Malaon at the hands of Chieftains. The British and the Chieftains together then forced the Gurkhas to sign the Treaty of Sanjauli according to which, the areas under the Gurkha rule were returned to the original rulers. Later on, the entire region, including Shimla, was gifted to the Maharaja of Patiala by the British in return for his continued services to them.Shoghi is also known as the temple town as there are several old temples situated in the region. The recently renovated Hanuman Temple, the Kali Temple and the Tara Devi Temple are the popular religious centres of the place. Travellers visiting Shoghi can also visit Jhakoo Hills, known for some old temples, situated close to the destination.

By Air
There are no regular flights from other major cities of the country to Shoghi. Nearest airport is Chandigarh Airport.
Shoghi 47 km away
Chandigarh Airport (IXC), Chandigarh, Punjab.
Shoghi 100 km away
Bhuntar Airport (KUU), Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

By Train
Shoghi is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains.
Railway Station(s): Shoghi (SGS)

By Bus
Instead of Shoghi you can a get a bus to Shimla on regular basis.
Shoghi 7 km away
Shimla Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.
Shoghi 15 km away
Solan Solan, Himachal Pradesh

Tara Devi Temple: Shoghi, also known as city of temples is also a place to relax through spirituality. This temple considered to be 250 years old is situated on the top of the Tara Parvat.

Kali Temple: The town of Shoghi is treasured with several ancient temples that will enchant your soul and senses. This temple is one of them. Almost 150 years old, the Kali temple situated 8500 ft above the sea level o the top of Jakhoo Hills.

Hanuman Temple: This old temple is a perfect place for those who as distinct taste for beautiful paintings and mythology. As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to Anjaneya or Lord Hanuman.

Kandaghat: Kandaghat is a town located at a height of 4667 ft on the highway connecting Kalka and Shimla. This town is a quite place and gives you a peek into the history of the place.

Trekking and Hiking:Given its forests and terrain, Shoghi is popular for its modest nature walks as well as elaborate trekking trails.

Camping: One can also enjoy camping at the hill station, with various hotels and resorts providing camping facilities. Shoghi camp is a popular spot for camping in the area.

Bird Watching: One can find a number of trails and guides for their bird watching experience in Shoghi. Spot Winged Tit, Blue Magpie, Blyths Reed Warbler, Brown Fronted Woodpecker, Black Headed Jay are some of the birds that can be spotted here.


  • Well appointed room
  • Seasonal fruit basket on arrival.
  • Two bottles of Mineral Water in the room per day.
  • Tea / coffee maker in the room along with daily replenishment.
  • Complimentary accommodation for 2 children below 6 years in the same room (w/o extra bed)

Package Details

Duration : 1 Night / 2 Days

Day 1 : Parkwoods

Arrival at Parkwoods Shoghi by 7 A.M. in the morning.
Welcome drink (non-alcoholic) on arrival.
Breakfast at leisure.
Regroup at 11 A.M. Partake in team-building activities at the obstacle course.
The whole group is divided into different teams and are made to go through the adventure activities on the obstacle course. This is a time-based module. Each team leader has to decide the order in which the members go so that the whole team is able to complete all the activities in the minimum time. Each Obstacle requires different levels of physical strength and endurance, risk taking initiative, negotiating a hurdle tactfully. Initiative by a team-member to take on the toughest task, self-confidence and teamwork are developed and highlighted. Leadership qualities of the leader through motivating team members, leading by example, planning and strategy come to the fore. The Obstacle Course includes activities like spider web, tyre web, burma bridge, rope ladder, tree bridge, commando net, tarzan swing etc.

Lunch at the Resort.

After lunch, experience rock climbing and rappelling on a natural rock face with instructor and safety equipment. Test of mental and physical strength. To fight one’s fears and build self-confidence during crisis situations. To know the risk taking ability (as one can easily avoid by backing out with excuses), judge one’s presence of mind, as one is standing on the edge of the cliff with trembling legs, and carry out the instructions as demonstrated. To see how calm and composed one is in a frightening situation. To have faith in the instructor (leader) and the equipment and trust that the activity is doable. To learn about one’s grasping power as to how quickly he understands a simple technique for a seemingly difficult task. To experience the sense of triumph, achievement, self esteem and thrill one gets after landing successfully. An excellent personal development activity done again as teams. As the sun moves towards the horizon enjoy hot tea with cookies while watching the sunset.

After sunset and evening tea take a 2-3 hour night trek to an unknown place through a forest. With flashlights explore the paths through the forested undergrowth. It is thrilling to experience the fear of unknown. The participants are not allowed to talk and when necessary only in whispers. The members share their thoughts when they reach the clearing on the hilltop and sit to enjoy the starry lights of distant villages and small towns. To make it a team activity and bring to fore how members can support each other to reach a common goal;clues and blindfolds can also be used.

Back at the Resort a crackling bonfire and a delicious barbecue would await the group.
Sitting around, the group discusses the day’s activities and the changes each individual experienced and new things one learnt about themselves, about others and how perhaps they could have acted differently in a given situation for better results. A time for sharing feelings and introspection.
As bonhomie spreads, soft songs under the star spangled sky make it a perfect end to the day.
Dance and recorded music.


Day 2 : Sight of Nature

Wake up to the sounds and sight of nature. Enjoy your morning tea.
Take a nature walk amongst the Himalayan flora & fauna in the surrounding pine forest along marked trails.
Here you get to see a lot birdlife.
Destressing and discovering the glories of existence.
Have breakfast at the machaan or the open air cafe’.
Participate in team building activities. Depending upon the participants predisposition and time available we choose from a wide array of fifteen activities like Trust Fall, Minefield, Australian Walk, Hangman, Swamp Crossing, Survival on the Stretcher, Swinging Log, Blindfold Tent Pitching.
Various aspects of team cohesiveness come into play like communication, quick planning, taking initiative, honesty, assuming responsibility, arriving at a consensus and assuming a role of a leader, guide, etc.
Other objectives are to inspire confidence, trust and faith amongst the team members and avoid conflict and blame.
Introspect and have group discussions on the changes all have experienced, do a self SWOT for improvement and formulate a road map for further team-development.

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